Fairest’s Rebirth

It’s been a long time since Fairest stopped by this Cauldron.

It’s time for a little teaser from my f/f fantasy fairy tale and first release. It’s being reborn into an entirely new edition for Nine Star Press’s Once Upon a Rainbow anthology on November 20, 2017.

Here’s a peek at which it will change into…

My good witch entered the room, gliding in with an effortless grace any court lady would envy. Not that I was surprised to see her. When had Oriana not been at my side? Once upon a time, my mother had begged her to find a cure for my curse. She’d been at the castle since I was an infant, keeping an eye on me. She always knew where to find me. Free from the painted gaze of the portrait, I turned to look at her instead.

One thought on “Fairest’s Rebirth

  1. Oriana: (looking down at her hands in wonder) I have a name, now…

    Sardonyx: We all have names, now. Thank Jason for encouraging our author to finally to give them out…

    Quartz: Otherwise, she might never have named us. (pointed look)

    Yes, yes, you all don’t have to keep reminding me. (tries not to sulk)



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