#QueerBlogWed: Wednesday Words

On May 11, 2022, P.T. Wyant shared at ptwyant.com a Wednesday Words prompt. It involved oranges, a blinding headache, and a long shot.

This poem was the result…

Another blinding headache

Making my stomach churn

It’s a long shot trying to do anything

Let alone anything that requires thought

I try to eat oranges

Remembering too late the citric accept

Adding force to the stomach churn

Did the food rehydrate me even a little?

Giving me the strength to return to the screen

No, it’s the pull of the character’s need

Needing to continue to put one foot in front of the other

How can I show less courage than my fictional creation?

Just one more sentence, one more step

And I find myself drawn into the plot

Pain forgotten in the force of its drive. 


#QueerBlogWed: Wednesday Words

On April 13, 2022, P.T. Wyant posted at ptwyant.com a Wednesday Words prompt. It involved a fishing pole, a leather-bound book, and a fever.

This poem was the result…

A leather-bound book replaces a fishing pool

You chose a different instrument 

To reel in your catches

A passive tool of predation

One your prey may not have noticed

For it was all part of your fever dream

A bright eye there, a sly smile there

Thighs shifting silkily under pants

Head tossed to reveal an arch of neck

They all performed for you

Doing a private dance you noticed

Peering over the edge of your book

Small and timid, so easy to overlook

Jotting down the details in your book

Details which became embellished

Secret stories of conquest related in a fever

A flush of fear, bringing on lust

A desire to reel those seductive swimmers in

You had them to yourself on the page

Only to turn cold with shame when the fever passed

Hiding the book underneath your bed

Allowing time and distance to pass

Before you dare to open that book again

Staring in bewilderment at the steamy details

You’d almost forgotten your conquests

The conquests you only conquered in a dream

You blush to read your own fantasies

Wondering where you get your own ideas. 

#WednesdayWords: Paula’s Prompts

Here’s a poem inspired by the prompts of P.T. Wyant at ptwyant.com. This one involved a carrot, a cake, and a laboratory experiment…

It’s no laboratory experiment

Will I go for the carrot?

Or for the cake?

The cake looks tempting

The carrot will settle my stomach

I have to eat the cake during the day

The carrot I may eat at night

To count sickness, my turbulent tummy

I’ll probably eat the carrot and the cake

Devouring the cake greedily during the day

Reaching for the carrot to calm my sickness at night

Once I would have chosen the cake over the carrot

Now I’m no longer sure

My stomach grows more uneasy with age

Like a volcano ready to erupt

Like a laboratory experiment ready to explode

I never would have worried about it

Not when I was young

My body forces me to be more careful now

As I’m gripped my nausea

Which follows cake. 

Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

On December 29, 2021, P.T. Wyant posted at ptwyant.com a Wednesday Words prompt involving the POV of a clerk at the return counter of a department store.

This poem was the result…

All the anger, the frustration

At their purchase or someone else’s

Aimed at my bland face behind the counter

I try to smile, to express sympathy

I’ve felt your frustration myself after all

Let you rant and rage

Wait until you’re done and realize you didn’t have to

I’m willing to take your purchase back

To give you store credit

I’d love to give you a full refund

My manager shook her head sternly

Denied us that opportunity to make good

No, store credit only

Leaving me to explain it to you

I sit here and take the verbal blows

My smile is starting to feel numb

Your yelling becomes less of a human voice

More of a background noise

The soundtrack of my daily existence

One I can never get away from. 

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#QueerBlogWed: Paula’s Prompts

On October 6, 2021, P.T. Wyant posted at ptwyant.com a Wednesday Words prompt involving a fish, glue, and a late night.

This bizarre, yet well-intentioned poem was the result…:)

Paste the fish upon the package

Such a cute decoration

The final touch to your careful design

When you look at the clock

Realize how late at night it is

Once more you’ve lost track of time

Pursuing one of your eccentric projects

Yet you feel a burst of pride

Seeing that fish design on the present

Instead of the traditional ribbon and bow

Your friend is guaranteed a grin at the sight of it. 

She’s had so few grins of late

Even if every cat’s head will turn

And every human will gawk

To see the fins and sparkling scales

You put it together with sequins and glitter

It’s a gorgeous if unconventional display

Just hold up your head with pride

When you meet your friend at the street café

Focus on her expression

While you hand her the package

Hope the glue will hold the fish

For you had to use quite a lot

Hope that she’ll smile or even laugh

At the sight of your bizarre surprise.

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