Waiting for Rebirth

Welcome to Me Me Monday! It’s a day to strut, promote, and celebrate my Me-ness! Or this situation, Christopher in all of his Christopher-ness. Here he is, in the next part of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, prelude to my ‘Tales of the Navel/The Shadow Forest’ series’. He picks up right where he left off on Saturday…

There wasn’t a doubt in my mind while he worked that I belonged to him. Yet a part of my mind floated free and untethered in the sky. There was such liberty in a real world, a luxurious safety in allowing one’s thoughts to roam. They could always come back to me without hurting anyone, if I kept them to myself. I could belong to Damian, remaining still and quiet for his art, while my own imagination escaped.

It was glorious, too glorious to be true. Surely there was a price for all this. My tasks in the Navel would grow more tedious and dreary. Both Gabrielle and Damian did their very best to protect me from this. My new mother only required me for a few hours within the Navel. I wondered if I was actually doing anything to help her. My transactions were always instinctive, like they’d been with Hebe and Juno. I’d let myself be drawn to a certain part of the shop, to a particular item. I handed crystals, statues, and a variety of items I hadn’t even noticed, until I found myself drawn towards them. I often wondered if they didn’t mysteriously appear in the Navel.

I was in a real world, a solid world. The Navel, however, didn’t always follow the rules associated with that world.

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