Conversations with Christopher: Danyel and Tayel Return

Christopher: What are you two doing here?

Danyel: Surprise! Did you miss us?

Tayel: Wayward inspiration often steals our scribbler away. It led her back to the shadow of the hill where we dwell and the stories we’re a part of.

Danyel: What he means is our scribbler added a whole new section to A Godling for Your Thoughts? Isn’t that wonderful? She’s been meaning to revise that novel for months, only she keeps putting it off to work on other projects.

Christopher: That is wonderful, even though I wasn’t part of whatever she wrote. I feel a bit left out.

Tayel: Shadows play less of a part than substance many a shadow has become in A Godling for Your Thoughts?

Danyel: Heh, you just asked a question!

Tayel: Did not. That was the title. Not me.

Christopher: I wonder at our scribbler having the time to work on our stories. Isn’t she supposed to be finishing a draft of Wind Me Up, One More Time for Camp NaNoWriMo?

Danyel: Oh, she is! (He giggles.) I think maybe that’s why she wrote about us. She wasn’t supposed to.

Tayel: The temptation of the forbidden often lures a scribbler away from her sworn tasks.

Christopher: Heh, maybe we should be forbidden more often?

Danyel: Maybe!

(A red curtain appears behind Christopher, Tayel, and Danyel.)
Theodora: (from behind the curtain) Growwr.

Grace: (from behind the curtain) Theodora says don’t distract the scribbler! She’s in the middle of writing my bear’s moment of glory, her heroic turning point in our story. Don’t mess it up or she’ll send Alf, Leif, and Rolf to mess up your cottages!

Danyel: Um, what was that about? Who are Alf, Leif, and Rolf?

Christopher: I’m not sure if I have a cottage to mess up, or if I even still have the Navel. Sorry! Alf, Leif, and Rolf are three nisse who are in Wind Me Up, One More Time. If nisse are anything like brownies or boggans, we don’t want to anger them. They could well mess up your cottage, just as they’d be just as good as cleaning it.

Danyel: Cleaning it? Oh, Map might love to have one of these nisse come by for a visit!

Tayel: Or she might hate it, depending on whether they’re cleaning up a mess or making one. If you believe anything he says. (nods at Christopher)

Danyel: How do you know all this, Christopher?

Christopher: Well, I’ve had characters from Wind Me Up, One More Time show up every Monday this month for a conversation. I might also have caught a glimpse of the scribbler’s thoughts.

Tayel: Hah!

Christopher: Anyway it’s best not to distract the scribbler from her Camp project. It’s only for a couple more weeks.

Danyel: Aww…

Tayel: Imagination is a curious thing. You never know what might lure it in a certain direction.

Theodora: (from behind the curtain) Growwr.

Grace: (from behind the curtain) No luring!

Danyel and Tayel: (sighs)

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