Be My Valentine…Snack

It’s Me Me Monday! Time to promote, strut, and celebrate your Me-ness!

Only Peter isn’t celebrating anything in the next part of ‘Be My Valentine…Snack’.

He’s just been bitten by Duessa Ashelocke.


Duessa started walking down the street, arm in arm with a dazed, unresisting Peter. I followed her.

The crowd broke up to head in different directions.

I could feel Juno’s inquisitive gaze on my departing back.

I didn’t acknowledge it or do anything to encourage her. The fewer people followed us, the safer those people would be.

The tree walked past several buildings.

I kept my eyes on Peter, slumped and submissive, guided by Duessa. He moved in a dreaming shuffle, kept upright by the four arms curled around him, keeping him firmly in her embrace.

“He’s not all there, is he?” I followed behind Duessa, trying to keep sight of Peter. “You’ve sucked out some of his will when you drank his blood.

“Very good.” Duessa didn’t turn around when she answered. “The Ashelockes can all feed as shadows do.”

As could I. Not that I was about to reveal that. Duessa didn’t know where I’d come from, although she may have guessed.

She still didn’t know what I could do. This was one of the few advantages I’d have in Duessa’ Ashelocke’s Place of Power.



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