Unwilling to Be Yours

Another Me Me Monday with no me, but Peter and Unwilling to Be Yours continue their journey…


Christopher was right below the falling object. Lost in his own thoughts, oblivious to his own peril.

I lunged at him, shoved him out of the way, losing my own balance. The two of us fell.

The good news is we both landed out of range of the statuette, which hit the ground, shattering into pieces. None of the jagged chunks of fallen idol hid us.

The bad news, well, bad news for him was that I landed right on top of him.

For a moment, I waited, trembling, doing my best to shelter him, only to realize the danger was over.

Afterwards, I became acutely of Christopher’s slender form, squirming beneath me.

Needless to say, it caused a bit of a reaction.

“Do you mind?” Christopher’s exquisite little face was flushed. It was only too obvious to him how happy I was to get close to him.

“Sorry.” I felt my own face heat up.

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