J is for Juno

Why, hello! Look at all you dear little readers, studying the words on this page, tee hee! I’m Juno, a regular at ‘Brie’s quaint curio shop, for someone needs to keep an eye on the girl! Or several. (giggles) Now, I musn’t tell you too much about me. A woman must have a few mysteries, oh, yes! I can tell you I’m married to a perfect grouch of a man. He’s at inspirationcauldron.blogspot.com right now and he’d better not be up to any hanky panky! Oh, I could tell you a tale or two about some of the trollops I’ve caught him with. I fear I can get a bit cross when he strays. One of those cows literally ended up a cow, tee hee! Ah, yes, but you’re waiting for a snippet of story with me in it! Here’s a little of ‘Stealing Myself From Shadows’. Christopher actually tells the tale, the dear boy, but you’ll see I have my moment in it! Although I wish he could be a little more flattering in describing my entrance!

“Oh, my goodness, I must find a gift!” Juno fluttered, while waddling into view. A massive woman who insisted on wearing gauzy robes which revealed her ample folds, she barely fit into the narrow aisles of the Navel. She’d made a special effort for today, though. Her gown was paired up with a veil of a more opaque substance. It gave Juno an air of mystery she usually completely lacked.

Her manner completely ruined the effect.

“Oh, where is it?” she cried, clasping her pudgy hands together. “I know it’s nearby.”


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