I is for Isolde

Hello, readers. (attempts a bow, which is a bit awkward, considering her large frame) As promised, I am here for ‘I is for Isolde’ with six sentences from ‘The Players Are the Thing’, a Work In Progress. A bit like our poor players are, a realization we player characters are coming to, as we spend more time together-

Amberwyne: No spoilers, Isolde.

Isolde: (flushing a bit) My sincerest apology. Here are the sentences delivered as I vowed.

“Such a shame.” She ran her fingers with especial care over the feminine curves which jutted from the vines and flowers. “All this beauty lurks within the stone. Who knows what else might hide within the temple, cringing away from our blades?”

“Isolde?” Amberwyne stopped, checked in her battle lust at the expression on her companion’s face.

“Mona?” Rhane asked in the real world outside the game.


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