H is for Hebe

It’s very rude to stare at me like that. Stop studying my nose. It’s the only distinctive thing about me and I detest it. On second thought, go ahead and stare at my nose. I suppose any attention is better than none.

As you might guess from the title of today’s Cauldron post, I’m Hebe. I’ve come to share a little of ‘Stealing Myself From Shadow’ with you. It’s one of the novels in our author’s ‘Tales of the Navel’ series. It’s also my story, although it’s told from Christopher’s perspective. I don’t get nearly as much time as I should!

Here’s one of the moments I did get…

“Mother, do you have to bring that up all the time?” A surly young woman trailed after Juno. She was one of our regular customers, of course. Hebe came to the Navel once a month, always looking for a cup. Finding her one had been Peter’s first task in the shop, as well as my own. Had she smashed, broken, or thrown her latest drinking vessel against the wall? She went through goblets so quickly. “It makes us look bad.”


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