G is for Gabrielle

Welcome to the Cauldron, center of all things character driven! At least for this month! I’ve decided to return in ‘G is for Gabrielle’ with a little more ‘Waiting for Rebirth’. Yes, right where he left off in ‘D is for Damian’. That will be it for our story, just for a while. ‘Waiting for Rebirth’ will return in May, so wait for us! In the meantime, here’s a little snippet from our Tale of the Navel’. As usual, it’s from Christopher’s perspective, but never fear! Unlike Damian, I believe a character should be in a snippet associated with her name. (scowls slightly)

I fought against the urge to sink into the shadows in the corner. They wouldn’t conceal me, not completely. Juno’s waving finger almost seemed like a wand. Power and will focused themselves in her plump digit, ready to release themselves upon the world. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be at the mercy of those things.

“Don’t you just love surprises?” Gabrielle exposed her teeth in a smile worthy of Damian. She strode across the store, continuing the block the path between Juno and myself. “My son is far more shy than Damian or yours truly.”


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