Snippet from ‘A Symposium in Space’

Welcome to #RainbowSnippets! A Saturday challenge where six sentences of GLBT fiction are posted and shared. To read samples of a wide variety of GLBT from different genres, check them out!

Here’s my own Saturday snippet, posted right before swimming and going to FanimeCon. 🙂 It’s from Torquere’s recently published science fiction anthology, ‘Theory of Love’.  My own short story was inspired by Plato’s ‘The Symposium’, only this dinner party takes place in a decadent matriarchal future,  and the host is literally ‘feasting’ upon her guests’ words. However, there’s plenty of f/f energy in the air, as my first person, Phaedra, speaks honestly to her a former admirer in a way she never dared in the past. Here’s six sentences of ‘A Symposium in Space’.


“There’s nothing quite like handling the controls of something which is truly yours,” I admitted. “A ship isn’t alive, it’s true, but it’s there for you in a way a living person can’t. Yes, it becomes an extension of yourself. In learning to love that extension, you learn to love yourself–in a way you can’t love another person.” I stared directly at Pausania. “When you see yourself reflected in another’s eyes, it can be romantic–but it can also be egotistical.”

12 thoughts on “Snippet from ‘A Symposium in Space’

    1. Thank you! I was amazed at how much Phaedra and Pausania came to life, when I was writing this. Their relationship ended up taking over the story, in spite of Alkibiadea’s flashy entrance…and exit. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’ve actually got a freebie story called ‘When I First Saw Her’, which I gave to my publisher for ‘Theory of Love’s release day. It’s about when Phaedra first encounters the Timea, as well as Sokrat. 🙂

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  1. Thank you! Phaedra would appreciate the vote of confidence, since she’s trying to make sense of own feelings. Too many people at this gathering find those feelings a bit silly.


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