Conversations with Christopher: Quartz Grumbles

Quartz: Finally the scribbler has finished that bloody story! No more growling teddy bears!

Christopher: Unless Wind Me Up, One More Time gets accepted. If it does, Theodora may return to growl some more.

Quartz: Hrmph! Bothersome, trying to guess these things. This is what happens when the scribbler has to write all her blogs in advance because she’s going to disappear. Why is this being written in August?

Christopher: Because this is happening during the time she’s disappeared. Or is unplugging. Anyway I thought you liked Theodora?

Quartz: Aye, I do, but it’s been way too long since our stories got any work or attention. Especially mine.

Christopher: What’s your story about?

Quartz: My past mistakes. Just why everyone thinks I’m dead. (He pauses.) Come to think about it, it’s a bit embarrassing.

Christopher: Is Briar in your story? Or rather Blanche?

Quartz: Now, now. I’ve never heard one of those names in story time, just this fourth wall space. As for the latter, why, my Fairest hates that name. And yes, she is in the story. One of the scenes the scribbler has written is a fight between my Fairest and Nimmie Not.

Christopher: Nimmie Not being perhaps the most important main character in your story after you.

Quartz: Don’t let him hear you say that! It’ll go to his head like wine or ale! It’s swelled enough as it is, thank you.

Nimmie Not (A tiny, beardless man the same age as Quartz wearing a bright green tunic, a crimson vest, and yellow stocks appears in Quartz’s lap) Did somebody call?
Quartz: Gah!!!

(To be continued on Monday; September 23, 2019)


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