Me Me Me Monday

It’s ‘Me Me Me Monday’! Here’s some of more of ‘Waiting for Rebirth’, in case you missed QueerBlogWed and Rainbow Snippets. I’m picking up right where I left off on my last ‘Me Me Me Monday’ with Christopher taking Damian’s hand and stepping out into reality.

I was standing in the middle of a garden. I’d once loved gardens. I remembered that, now. There was a gazebo behind us, covered with trailing vines and purple flowers. Roses grew in clusters upon the green bushes all around us.

A gasp of inarticulate delight escaped from me, as I looked up at the sun, the blue of the sky. Afterwards, I looked down at the spongy green grass beneath my feet. My feet were bare.

I realized I was wearing a short white tunic, belted in around my waist. It exposed my legs. I felt cold.

I looked over at Damian, who was dressed very differently. He was wearing sturdy blue pants and a white, short sleeved shirt. There was a tiny, green dragon at the right hand breast of the shirt.

“I’m dressed wrong, for where I am,” I said, slowly. I could feel my face heating up. It was bad to wear the wrong clothes in the wrong place. It could be very bad, if you wore too little. “Aren’t I?”

“Don’t worry,” Damian said, with a reassuring little smile. “The shadows are still close, so if you wish to be wearing something else, you can. Just picture what you wish to wear.”

It was a little alarming to know the shadows were still close, but I knew what to do. I closed my eyes. I visualized Damian’s blue slacks, hugging his calves, with his white shirt, open at the collar.

Something rough was rubbing against my legs. These pants weren’t exactly comfortable. I could feel myself scowling a little. The shirt wasn’t comfortable either. It felt rough.

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