Me Me Monday: Aristophania

Hello there, people of Ancient Earth! How nice of you of you to drop by and see an old lifer like me! I’m Aristophania, comedian, tale-spinner, and all around unwelcome guest. While my little performances amuse some, they offend many others. Those others start thinking longingly of Ancient Earth stocks when they look at me while in truth, I exist for them. There’s always a need for fools and irreverent folks to say what others are far too polite to dare utter. I try to entertain while I express these inconvenient truths to unappreciative audiences. Those I’m trying to reach appreciate me the least as they yearn for those antique stocks. Not having them, they’ll come up with more creative ways of trying to make the fool act in a less foolish fashion. I’ve barely escaped a few of these.

After such dangerous close encounters with many a citizen’s more vigorous form of rotten fruit, I was a little anxious about Agathea’s invitation to her symposium. I see a different side to her and the Aphrodite she promotes, shall we say a more light-hearted side? I may have share this perspective here and there in a few public skits. The audience was appreciative, although I doubt Agathea was. I wasn’t sure if I should accept this invitation, all things considered. It would be sensible to decline it. Yet what kind of a comedian would I be if I acted in a sensible fashion? I am the heir to fools and nay sayers. I can’t just hide in the shadows like a sensible person. I must go where the humour awaits me, even if the joke kills me. Even if it does, I ought to go out in a way that brings a smile to people’s faces. Besides Pausania asked me to give her a lift in my rickety space ship. How could I refuse a lovely young lifer like her? Even if she is a trifle sullen and serious. This may be why her beloved walked out on her. Pausania was certain she’d be at the symposium. There was a chance the girl had better things to do, but it was an attempt at optimism, a rare thing for Pausania. I wanted to encourage her in it.

Truth be told, I’m curious. Why did Agathea invite a crusty old thorn in her side like me to this private party? Why did she invite any of us? Sokrat, Pausania, Phaedra and myself joining Agathea and Eryximachia at their table? It’s an odd gathering and no mistake. Why throw us all together like this?

I’m eager to find out. I’m also apprehensive, but you might say that’s part of the fun. Whatever happens, it’s bound to be entertaining and I live to entertain. Who knows what might happen, hmm?

On March 25, 2019, in A Symposium in Space, we’ll find out. 😉

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