Me Me Monday: Sad Scribbler

Quartz: I’m worried about the scribbler. She’s in a funk.

Christopher: (nods) First there was the rotten rice in the pudding, followed by not finishing 100 of her books before 2018. This, plus her recent failures, all add up in her imagination as bad omens.

Quartz: She’s curling up inside herself, unable to make any resolutions.

Christopher: Plus she’s depressed about gaining all the weight. Only two pairs of pants fit her right now.

Quartz: Knock me sideways, this cannot continue! She’s starting a downward spiral.

Christopher: What we need is to do something to lift her spirits.

Quartz: Right. She needs a success. Just one small accomplishment.

Christopher: Well, how about we see if we can inspire her?

Quartz: Eh?

Christopher: Come now, this is the sort of thing you’re good at. Whisper into her ear suggestions for your story. I’ll do the same.

Quartz: Hmm, it’s worth a try, isn’t it? We’ll meet back here in a week. See if we’ve had any success.

Christopher: All right!

To be continued…thank you, Quartz and Christopher, for trying to pull me out of my New Year’s funk. We’ll see how well we all did next Monday.

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