‘A Symposium in Space’

Centuries after Plato’s The Symposium, another symposium is taking place in space. Fleeing from the space pirate, Alkibiadea, Sokrat and her protege race to attend a dinner party, taking place at Agathea’s space cluster. It’s no ordinary dinner party. What you say is what you eat, as each guest forms a theory or tells a story about love, to sate the bizarre hunger of their host. Join Sokrat, Phaedra, Pausania, Aristophania, and Eryximachia; as each of them expresses what love means to them, unearthing buried secrets, passions, and fears within their hearts. For love means something very different to each guest, making every meal unique.


With those words, Agathea’s predatory anticipation of failure changed focus. She now eyed Pausania with a hungry eye. Eryximachia reached out for Agathea’s free hand and began to fondle it. Her heavily lidded gaze fixed itself upon Pausania in equal anticipation. A bubble swelled into existence a few feet away from them. It moved toward Pausania, eyeing her with the same predatory pink eye as its mistress.

An unexpected stab of pity caught me in the gut as I watched Pausania rise from her seat to face her audience. She wouldn’t back down. She’d rise to the challenge, even if she ended up shamed by her own words.



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