#QueerBlogWed: Wednesday Words

On August 24, 2022, P.T. Wyant posted a Wednesday Words prompt involving a seashell, a hot air balloon, and a pill box.

This poem was the result…

Did you ever ride that hot air balloon?

You dreamed of soaring in through the clouds?

Did you visit the people you could hear?

Singing at you from the seashell?

Did you ever get the express your wishes?

Slaving away at your job?

Managers screaming at you while you walked in a daze

Maddening them with your apathy

You never gave them trouble, but you were always somewhere else

I gaze now at your empty pill box

A list of ingredients I know nothing about on the side

Telling a true story you never wished to tell.

No, you’d much rather rise above it all

Escape from your body into your dreams

Surrender yourself completely to story

Forced to cope with reality’s needs

Can anyone blame you from running away?

After the way your own body treated you?

Your imagination became your best friend

Offering you joy amidst drudgery and pain

I hope you got a chance to fly in that balloon

Even if it was only in your mind

I hope the songs of the seashell people were sweet

When you pushed through the pain

To shape that imaginary sight

There’s so much more to you than the pill box

No matter what anyone may say

May you flourish and nurture your inner artist

Giving her a chance to create every day. 


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