Conversations with Christopher: Dyvian Part 2

Dyvian raises his booted foot, gazing down at the grass as if it could see a tiny life quivering in every single blade. 

He smiles tenderly with a mother’s protectiveness and a father’s devotion. He brings his boot down. 

Christopher tries not to flinch at the sound of the foot crushing the green, the faint cries which are too soft for anyone to hear, let alone acknowledge as being real. 

Dyvian fixes his eyes upon Christopher’s. His are filled with color, but the colors don’t swirl and swift. They’re paler, frozen blues, pinks, lavender, green, and silvery gray; a reflection of hues from a glacier. They grow just a little warmer, as the dark pupils grow larger. 

Dyvian: A curious creature, indeed. Do you pity those we must trample in order to walk our paths.

Christopher shuts his eyes and stands his ground. 

Christopher: I’m not judging you. How can I? I stand here in this place, made up of memories I’m not sure are mine. It just saddens me that we have to trample. 

Dyvian: What point is sadness if you can do nothing about it? You’re not sure your memories are yours. You’re not sure if they aren’t either. As an avatar of Happily Ever After, you’re bound to many a fate.

Christopher: (opening his eyes to gaze at the two towers and the waterfall between) Deciding to be such an avatar was arrogant. 

Dyvian: Anyone who opens a Door and walks a path through through the Shadow Forest is arrogant. Arrogant enough to think their wish is more important than anything else. Arrogant enough to think they can stick to their path. Arrogant enough to believe themselves to be stronger than the shadows’s desperation. 

Christopher: Too often it’s what opened a Door and a path which lures us off the path. We think we know what our heart’s desire is, but we’re easily deceived. Especially by ourselves.

Dyvian: Shadows feed upon desire. They make themselves desirable to dreamers. What could be more desirable than something straight from the heart? Perhaps the dreamer is lead off the path by what they desire. Perhaps they create new paths.

Christopher: Is that what you told Damian? Is that how you lured him off his path? Convincing him he could create a new one? Or did you play the part of his heart’s desire?

Dyvian: Christopher, you knew Damian better than almost everyone, although you’ve always been oblivious to his faults. Damian wishes to create his own path, his own power. Leaving the path was the price for his heart’s desire. 

Christopher: Just what did you persuade him to do back in the Gardens of Arachne?

Dyvian: It wasn’t in the Gardens. (Dyvian raises a hand to encompass the falling water.) It was here. 

For a moment Christopher gets a vision of something black forming in the pool below the waterfall. No, not black, but an extremely dark green. An egg, rising to the surface. Damian staring at the egg, sweat beading his brow. Hands reaching out. Dyvian’s eyes bright with greed, smiling. 

Christopher: You took something in this very place. 

Dyvian: Something I desired with all my heart. Something I wanted more than eternal beauty as a statue in my bride’s garden after Van drank my life. I needed you and Damian far more than I needed her. 

Christopher: What? What did you need?

Dyvian: Now, now. You wouldn’t want me to spoil your story. Would you?

To be continued next Monday….

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