#QueerBlogWed: Paula’s Prompts

On July 21, 2021, P.T. Wyant posted at ptwyant.com a Wednesday Words prompt involving a pig roast, a motorcycle, and a shooting star.

This poem was the result…

He’s roasting the entire pig

Like an ancient ritual sacrifice

One he selected after parking his motorcyle

Drawn to lights and laughter in the night streets

Hearing the oinking and squeaking of self-importance

The true hearts of pigs beating beneath their finery

So distinct, so discordant to his finely-tuned ears

You try to remind yourself of what he hears

The mythology he’s created for his ways

His rituals of hunting, roasting, and decadent party

Seducing greedy worshippers, dazzled by his surface

Trying to catch him is like catching a shooting star

He leads you in an endless game of chase

Such a meaningless pursuit, yet it gives you meaning

Following him, chasing after him

If you stop, he’ll stop

Wait for you to catch up to his motorcycle

Bound by his rituals, he’s also bound to you

Defined by his need to taunt and to guide you

As you continue to hunt and chase. 

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