Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

The fog rises, obscuring shapes around me

I look down at my keychain

I hadn’t realized a turtle was upon it

I watch the turtle slip off the metal ring

Splashing to the ground, finding the water

Feeling the earth shift below me

The rough ridges below the cement

Below the roots of writhing trees

Trying to escape their concrete prison

I feel the slow life quicken, moving beneath my feet

Realize that I’m standing on the back of a turtle

Riding on the back of a giant turtle

For the world is a giant turtle 

As much as it is anything else

This turtle is swimming through reality

Making its way through the sea of space

Trying not to be attacked or swallowed

By intergalactic crabs or other predators

They’re all making their way through the universe

For space is teeming with life

Very like our ocean, its tiny reflection

Even if we ourselves are too tiny to see it

This impression lasts only for a moment

I’m back to feeling the concrete solid beneath me

Looking up at the blue sky over my head

Shielding me from the darkness beyond

Aware that my fancies could just be fancies

Ones that have played with many a dreamer before me

There never was a turtle on my keychain

Just an imagination which likes to play with reality. 

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