Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

On March 3, 2021, P.T. Wyant posted at a Wednesday Words prompt involving sausage, colored pencils, and an envelope.

This poem was the result…

Feeling nervous about what’s in the sausage

Not wanting to open the envelope

You hide inside your house, shaken and suspicious

Too rattled by everything that’s happened to react

You try to express your fear with colored pencil

Giving a face to your lack of trust

Expressing, screaming on paper your lack of faith

Yellow lightning bolts striking the unwary from above

Orange scowling men incite a red mob to violence

Battering all that’s blue or green in a need to blame

Who knows what they put in the sausage

You don’t want to think about where it came from

Reality waits like a poison within that envelop

A infectuous demand that you be part of it

Your only consolation is in colored pencils

Until you run out paper, are left staring at what you’ve drawn

A scattered mess of colored scribbles screaming. 

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