Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

On January 6, 2021, P.T. Wyant posted at a Wednesday Words prompt involving an epiphany, three lost men, and a cave.

This poem was the result…

Three lost men seeking shelter in a cave

Each sees a vision in a crystal formation

Bringing epiphany about what he desires

One sought strength but he realized it didn’t lie in muscle

Those whom used their fists against him were afraid of everything

Striking out at what they couldn’t control

One desire wisdom but those who mocked his wits didn’t possess it

Putting him down, boasting about all the things they knew

Not one word they uttered was true or of any value

The third wished be more loving

More like those whom worked tirelessly for the welfare of others

The concern of those workers was limited to a select few

They scorned anyone they deemed unworthy of their kindness

The three men deceived themsleves in what strength, wisdom, and heart were

The first man had taken beatings, standing between others and bullies

Getting tougher and wiry each time he got up

The second researched subjects he was ignorant about

Becoming more educated and delighting in the process of learning

The third man reached to all those rejected by those he’d deemed kind

Offering them support, acceptance, and love

Each man already possessed strength, wisdom, and kindness

Unacknowledged by those they felt needed to accept them

Looking into the crystals, seeing themselves reflected back

They saw everything they’d ever wished to be

Looking into each other’s eyes

They saw all the acknowledgment they needed. 

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