Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

On December 16, 2020, P.T. Wyant posted at a Wednesday Words prompt involving a upset stomach, unfinished chores, sunlight through the clouds.

This poem was the result…

Too much time in front of the TV

Lost in stories not my own

I indulged in way too much pizza

Upset my stomach, left the chores unfinished

Why do I make the same mistake again and again? 

Gloomy, I sink into recriminating thoughts

When the sun comes through the clouds

Just a furtive ray of light

Making everything a little warmer

Making me a little sleepy

It’s not time to sleep yet

It’s so tempting to drift off in that light

So different than the darkness

Concealing a thousand unseen shapes

Stirring fear, provoking imagination

Rousing me to capture it in words

Sunlight can be so relaxing, so soothing

Lulling me into a sluggish state

It’s so nice to be a slug

Moving slowly at my own pace

Until my stomach gurgles in discontent

When will I learn to stop feeding it American-style pizza?

Laundry is piling up, needs to be be done

Still it’s tempting to give into the soothing light

Just to relax, just for a moment. 


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