Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

On December 2, 2020, P.T. Wyant posted at a Wednesday Words prompt involving a snowstorm, a squirrel, and a gift.

This poem was the result…

A squirrel scampers down from the tree

Scattering a small pile of leaves waiting below

The closest thing we have to a snowstorm

The falling leaves, piling up, accompanied by the harsh crash of pine cones

All come tumbling down from above

So dangerous to unprotected heads and backs

The pine tree menaces while offering shade and shelter

It’s attracted so many squirrels like this one

She leaves a small gift on the porch, a gnawed-up pine cone

For the tree overhead is her restaurant

A very generous restaurant with few predators to interrupt her meals

She lets out a raspy cry over her gift

Cinnamon is not amused by her antics

She sees the tiny furry intruder

Rude enough to stay on the other side of the glass

Beyond jaws and claws that might menace her prey

Cinnamon hisses a warning, attracting Sage

She’s not hissing at him, that’s unusual

He creeps down to see what’s happening

The cats growl like two kettles bowling over

Lack of amusement is shared and catching

The squirrel chitters in their direction, not caring

After all she’s safe beyond a wall of glass.


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