Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

On November 25, 2020, P.T. Wyant posted at a Wednesday Words prompt involving a holiday alone, curtains, and a stuffed toy. This poem was the result…

Pull back the curtains

Behind the performance the adults put on

It’s a holiday yet they’re not there

Minds off in places you don’t understand or can’t follow

They make you feel so alone but you refuse to feel alone

No matter how much they won’t look at each other

They’d rather stuff their mouths with candied fruit than speak

You cling to your stuffed animal

She knows secrets the adults will never figure out

She whispers to you in the language of toys

Which only children can hear

Her stories help you sit up straight

Her whisper returns to you your smile

Smiles look so painful on adults’s faces

An upside down frown which hides the tears

You’re supposed to be happy over the holidays

The adults have lost so much

The ghosts of their losses float in the air

Echoing with weak voices of forgotten joy

Try to smile for their sakes

Remember your stuffed animal’s whispered secret

On day their sorrows will be ghosts too

And joy will find you all again. 

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