U is for Una

Crouching, fawning at your conqueror’s feet

Pitiful remnant of a once-proud fae lady

You hang your head in your mistress’s presence

Tattered wings, sharp teeth hidden

Sneaking glances at the cocoon dangling in the conservatory

One of many hanging from the Lady Duessa’s ceiling

Within lies the remains of a poor, pitiful knight

Once precious to you, not even worthy of a Marriage Feast

Is he even part of your lady’s Web of Inspiration?

Or is that honor reserved for the tender male beauties

Blooming amidst the sheltered alcoves of the garden

To look upon their fate frozen in stone

You hear their laughter, you see their stillness

Before and after the Marriage Feast

While your knight is slowly drained of life

You are forced to walk in tatters

Unable to take flight from your fate

She should have killed you, your spider lady

Such merciless mercy she showed you

Keeping you as a ruined trophy

Secure in the love of her spider goddess

Arrogant enough to leave her enemies breathing

Capable of plotting and whispering in the right ears

Haunted by the memory of the lady you once were

Never forgetting you still have a mouth filled with sharp teeth

Along with all your other appetites. 

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