R is for Rhodry

Surrounding yourself with stone walls

Sheltered by row after row of books

Living in the shadow of your sorcerer

Serpent-Born, carrying secrets 

You stumble over one amidst the tower’s treasures

A lost kinswoman in the form of a tiny dragon

Another visits in the guise of a vampire lover

Would any of this be happening

If there wasn’t Trouble at Caerac Keep?

Making your sorcerer disappear

Allowing unrest within his walls

Disturbing your quiet life

Peeking down at the Keep from the battlements

Feeding the gargoyles coal and brimstone

You venture outside from your walls

To find yourself in the company of your lord

Thrust together with three companions

A Unicorn acolyte, filled with wrathful faith

Fearing you for an abomination

A foreign hunter of cursed creatures

Peculiar in her values, mocking your ways

Last is the pale protegé of your mentor’s friend

Slyly bearing secrets, older than he looks

Stirring confusing passions with you

It’s an uneasy alliance but you’re bound by loss

Each of you have lost someone

Each of you is searching for that someone

Your talents can unlock Caerac Keep

Uncover truths others have buried

Within sarcophagi, with ancient bones

Who or what has taken your loved ones?

Why are so many falling to sleeping sickness

Bearing what seems like a vampire’s kiss

A legendary vampire may have risen

You don’t think he’s the one causing trouble

A trouble which cries and wails in your dream

Pleading for help, pleading for rescue

Villain and victim may be one

Monsters come in far too many forms 

Weaving a web far too close to home. 

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