Q is for Questioning

Questioning the mask of Magdalene

One you donned to disguise and obfuscate

Hiding yourself behind an important vocation

Teacher and caregiver under the wing of the Dragon

Until Dragon clerics come to take your students

Binding one with golden chains

You question the Dragon’s purpose 

Are their acolytes checking darkness and light?

Fulfilling the vocation of their faith? 

They’re giving into their own power lust

The Dragon has always had a lusty appetite

Now the Serpent’s brood falls to their hunger

While the Serpent laughs within the shadows

You call upon a champion to bring forth light

A unicorn goddess willing to heal and protect

Checking the might and hunger of the Dragon

Sending Her to one of your precious students

Hoping She will find and pierce his heart

Once he accepts A Suitor’s Challenge

Coming from yet another beloved student

Only intentions can go terribly astray

The light can be harsh and blinding unchecked

Just as the darkness hungers and devours

Leaving once more to question

The very forces you created to protect. 

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