P is for Peter

You hide your pain behind a flirtatious smile

Wearing clothes from a time and place not yours

Defending intellectual insincerity with utter sincerity

Kissing your boss’s hand with a flourish

Regarding her son with a romantic eye

You fill a void left behind by another

Disliking the imprint he’s left all over the Navel

You’re starting to care more than you should

Getting too serious is always dangerous

You’re still haunted by the ghost of Paul

Offering yourself to a deadly spiderwoman

Always considering the consequences

So careless of the consequences

You’re tragedy waiting to happen

Yet you prance about wearing the mask of comedy

Distracting everyone with your looks and manner

It’s all a sleight of hand to keep them from noticing

You hide a heart larger than anyone would guess

You listen more seriously than he’ll ever know

When he says I’m Stealing Myself From Shadows

Too much has already been stolen

He’s already taken far too much

Yet you offer him even more

Ready to give yourself completely

To play a more dangerous game than you’ve ever played. 

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