O is for Ouroborous

Myth, metaphor, or solid rock

The coiled serpents which is the world

Dragons follow your undulating glide

Aspects of you rise, rearing their hoods

Declaring that they are true you

You are beyond such venonomous vanity

Beyond concepts of good and evil

You are the mouth which swallows

The door opening, leading to all

Legends abound about your movement

The Unicorn would gore you as an abomination

Yet She must rest Her dainty hooves upon your coils

The beginning and end of a myth, devouring each other

The riddle no one can ever resolve

Conquer an aspect of you in A Suitor’s Challenge

Defeat those claiming to be yours, stirring up Trouble at Caerac Keep

You are crushed, stepped on, yet you rise again

You have so many forms, so many shapes

You live on in so many minds and hearts

Construct after construct you find yourself becoming

It’s the only way they can comprehend you

Frightened, warm living being living in your coils

For no one can handle the whole. 

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