M is for Melyssa

Hating your lofty name and all it implies

You try to break “Melyssa” into parts

Breaking yourself as part of the process

“Mel” becomes all you’re goofy shortcomings

The summation of all your ashamed of

Combined in a comedic, cute package

Yet happy among the Sisters of Seraphix

Happier than Melyssa ever was in the Gardens of Arachne

Ashamed of your goofy Mel-ness you yearn for ‘Lyssa

Yearn for her sleek, seductive beauty that makes women swoon

‘Lyssa is far more snake than arachnocrat

She hungers and feeds upon whom she will

Not just some chosen Marriage Feast

Filled with grace, cunning, and courage

Both Mel and ‘Lyssa live in your shadow

As shadows of your discard and desire

The aching gnaw of your maternal issues

Neither of your shadows escape their bite

All the while the ghosts of your lost kinsmen 

Laugh in your memories, laugh at your crude wishes

Slyly slipping through a crack in the Door

While you still fumble for the handle

A Godling for Your Thoughts?

Your godling becomes your companion

As much as an avatar of your desire

The companion you always longed for

Saw in so many faces which never saw you

Seraphix sees you like no one else does

Seraphix needs you to be powerful

Your godling’s need is an addiction

Fulfilling a yearning you’ve long ignored. 

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