K is for Kyra

Heir to the Serpent’s hungry hopes

Hidden from veiled, imperialistic eyes

Wrapped in the tattered shroud of reluctant wisdom

Stefan is your only friend, your confidant

Whom knows how deep the Serpent has burrowed within you

Whispering to you what She plans for Her world, Her brood

She regards everything as Hers including you

Until Stefan steps between you and Her plans

Taking on the burden of the Serpent’s hunger, the Serpent’s ambition

You are torn apart, chained, and rescued

Living a secretive life in the shadows of Dragon temples

The towered fortresses of sorcerous libraries which weave their schemes

Until your path crosses with Stefan’s once more

He’s Prince Stephen Jasior, adopted brother and heir to an empire

Flaunting his golden hair, the Serpent’s legacy unchained

Flaunting his powers in the arena of magical combat

Offering A Suitor’s Challenge to any who’ll meet him in battle

Willing to offer his hand, his power, and position to any who can best him

Devouring the lives of loser after loser, draining their mystical energy

Feeding the Serpent’s hunger with many an ambitious would-be consort

He laughs as he feeds, relishing his victims screams

You can see his eyes tell a different story

He’s a prisoner, trapped in his own body

It’s the Serpent who’s playing the part of the wicked prince

He wouldn’t be trapped if he hadn’t taken your place

It’s up to you, the Serpent’s intended, to save him from this trap

Even if it means facing Stefan in the arena yourself.

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