J is for Juno

Keeping up a breezy stream of chatter

A subtle menace touching your fluttering ways

Such a sweet, harmless appearance of vapidness

It’s the surface appearance twinkling in everyone’s eyes

Only those whom look deeper see what lies beneath 

Extra arms, extra eyes, something far more dangerous

Power was offered and you guzzled it greedily

Hoping to replenish what you’d lost

Once upon a time you ruled the heavens

An immortal beauty at your brother’s side

Just how long were you shackled to him

He kept you in a bridal chain made of gold

You always felt its weight even at your most lofty

Lashing out at those whom opposed your position and purpose

For you couldn’t lash out at the one who chained you

He had all the power of the heavens and he lost it

He’s your prisoner now

Kept in a helpless state, unable to stray from you

He may yet slip from your grasp

You’ve found a kind of happiness in Omphalos

Drawing strength from the unhappiness of those close

They clutch at shades of what once was

Chasing after the phantoms of whom they wish to be

You defend, protect, and hold your dear ones in close bondage

Ready to lash out as you once lashed out

Wondering if this is really what you want

Your desires are embodied by other people

Whom disappear through a closing Door

You give chase even though your feet are weary

Having trouble finding footing upon the path.

A Godling for Your Thoughts?

You used to be one of those gods

Now you fumble along as your rivals once did. 

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