H is for Hebe

“I’m Stealing Myself From Shadows”

You read his intentions in the lift of his chin

The shiver of determination in his slight frame

Eyelashes veils over orbs filled with stolen colors

He’d have to give something to get something

Why would he want to steal himself back

You yearn to shatter yourself like an endless series of cups

Be the heavenly cupbearer no longer

Transform your eyes, your nose, your perspective

Replace your dullness with something brighter

It’s no fun being yourself

The girl who was always overlooked

Unnoticed by anyone other than your mother

Your father never noticed you at all

You were so easily replaced by a pretty boy

You long to walk away, to open Doors

Portals to others worlds, gateways of possibility

Flirting with realities, never commiting to any

Your mother has shown you the folly, the pain of commitment

How such bonds weigh you down like iron chains

It’s better to keep moving, keep walking

Chasing a shifting landscape than letting it settle

No matter how much you fancy a particular place or person

They’ll only hurt you in the end. 

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