G is for Gabrielle

Once you were trapped with Heavenly Directions’s walls

Avatar of a divine direction, yet directionless

Until you allowed yourself to be lead away

Chasing after wandering feet, letting yourself wander

You’ve contained yourself within walls again

Putting on a performance in your tiny shop

All Tales of the Navel are bizarre ones

You’ve collected quite a few on your shelves

Residue of the lost in trinkets and various objects

Everything retains a fragment of someone

Waiting to return to where it belongs

Or simply a heart which appreciates what was discarded

You’re there to guide those lost and lonely hearts

Some think it’s a small, thankless task 

You’re wasting yourself doing it bit by bit

Running the Navel is beneath someone like you

Or you’ve been repeatedly told

You think it’s too important to be forgotten

These small actions, small transactions come into focus

Too often lost in the big picture, grander schemes

You’ve devoted yourself to the trinkets in the Navel

Concentrating on others, you forget yourself

You forget who you once were

You’re far too wise to wander in the Shadow Forest

Too wise to go seeking Doors to your desires

Are you truly content filling other’s emptiness

Cleaning up the messes they left behind

Being the bright light, the source of loud cheer

Wearing attire that makes everybody blink

You’ve put on a mask of the bizarre

Distracting everyone with your outer show

Luring them away from what lies beneath. 

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