F is for Fiona

Untidy heir to grand tradition

Wearing lab coats just for fun

Neither mad scientist nor doctor making the ignorant wonder

Muttering to the ghost who won’t leave you alone

You’re unsure what to do with yourself

Unwilling to do what your lady wants

Eager to toss her a fresh vessel of hope and escape

Blanching at the thought of actually sacificing someone

You don’t like to get your hands dirty

Yet you’re smudged and stained 

Marked by an innocent, absent-minded existence

You know too many secrets, yet are privy to so few

Jumping at every creak and sound in your ancestor’s estate

Sometimes you seem so harmless

Just the wacky caretaker of the haunted mansion

You’ve fooled everyone, including yourself

Now no one knows what you’re capable of

Living with the ghost that lives within your walls

Unable to escape her painted gaze, for A Portrait Is Worth a Thousand Words

You’ve been haunted by her image for far too long. 

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