D is for Damian

A witch’s secretive smile is on your lips

You turn it into a bewitching smile, exposing your teeth

Your skulls are all you, yet none are yours

Clay representatives of the ones you won’t forget

One came to life, filled with shadow and memory

Becoming a flesh and blood boy

Every moment is precious with him

You’re not sure if any of it is real

You’ll pay the price for pulling Christopher from the darkness

The coin you offer the hungry forest is power

Carving your path through the twilight trees

A beacon of proud of light, drawing starving innocence

How you underestimated his pathetic seeming

You keep making the mistake, feeding the shadows of lost boys

Knowing you’ll slowly become the entity that consumes you

You learned this secret in the Gardens of Arachne

A hidden truth the spider ladies cannot see with their eight eyes

It doesn’t matter how many eyes you have if you lack vision

Eight arms aren’t necessarily better than two

These are realities your ladies would rather deny

Reality isn’t the realm you yearn to draw power from 

You dream of using your vision against the Lady Duessa

Your conviction that she’s the enemy is shattered when you yourself are consumed

Consumption means you become a part of the one you devoured

You’re no longer sure you want the lady inside you

My Tool, My Treasure, you’re no longer sure which you are to her

Or if those words still even apply to you. 

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