C is for Christopher

Drawn from the darkness 

More than wistful memory

Drowning in discarded dreams

Others cast from their memories so carelessly

You’re fractured, Stealing Yourself From Shadows

Again and again you pick up the pieces of yourself

In your own form and in the tiny avatars you captured

You’re hoping others will learn from your fate

Not to summon Doors leading to their desires

Your own Door is returning

Beckoning you to a surreal, nightmare forest

Where whispering soul fragments beg for happy endings

All you have to give are illusions

It’s easier to hide on the edge of reality in a shop

Returning what’s lost to those who seek it

Trying to ignore the many voices in your head

Becoming one which laughs and never begs

Taunting you with a visions of smile and a hand

His hand and smile are waiting to draw you out of this life

Back across the Door, back to being fractured

This life was never yours for all you enjoyed it

Still you seek to steal the pieces of yourself leading to him

Unsure what monster lurks in the memories of your former self

You’ve no choice but to follow to path to whatever it leads

Leaving bits and pieces behind of yourself to be stolen again. 

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