A is for Ariadne

Emerging from Aethyria, a sensitive youth from a host of proud daughters

Offspring a realm of women living apart from the world

Aethryia of the warm skies and cool breezes

Open-aired temples where you lay in dreamy thought

Learning the moves of an ancient art of defense and instinct

Guarded by the silent stone present of the Thirteen

Your leaders kept their secrets as your sister often warned you

Now Alexi has been swallowed by those secrets

Your sister vanished into the chill Serpent’s lair of Rowenda

Her disappearance has become one more mystery in the Trouble at Caerac Keep

You had no desire to leave your homeland but the most pressing of reasons

You made your trek across a wild land northward 

Encountering shapeshifting monsters you thought myth

Following in the footsteps of adventurers past

Once heroes now reviled in tale as killers and thugs

You feel the gossamer kiss of a web you can’t see

A spider plays with your dreams, works with shadowy figures

All forgotten in the shock of an unfamilar waking world

You encounter men as well as monster in a strange walled city

Too many myths are becoming flesh and blood

Taking form in the common people’s fears

The Keep’s concerns are not yours, you take orders from the Thirteen

Yet you wonder at their bidding to grant the wish of a foreign lord

You’re thrown into the company of Serpent-Born and fanatics

Along with a sly pale man who reminds you of one you mistrust

Familiarity and comfort are now strangers, yet you find them in surprising places

Holding your head high, holding onto your wit

Trying not to let anxiety about Alexi overwhelm you

Each of your companions has lost someone

Your quest is an intensely personal one

Tracking down the trouble, tracking down the missing

Facing an ailing population, possible victims of a vampire’s kiss

Haunted by watery dream and a moist echo in your mind of a loved one

Your sister caught in a watery shell, yet it’s not her you hear

And yet you can’t turn away from that familar cry. 

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