Conversations with Christopher: Quartz

Christopher sits facing a glum-looking dwarf, fingering his belt. There are a few braids in his beard. 

Christopher: (studying the braids) That’s a new look.

Quartz: (He shrugs, but his nose turns red) Nimmie Not’s idea. Fool kobold decided to braid my beard. 

Christopher: (raising his eyebrows) And you let him?

Quartz: Welll, special circumstances and all that.

Christopher: What special circumstances? 

Quartz: We’re bored, all right! (glowers at Christopher) The scribbler hasn’t spent any time with us since she aside the first draft for Of Cuckoo Clocks and Crystal Coffins! It’s been nothing but blogs!

Me: (my voice floating on the mist) Blog, blog, bloggy blog…

Quartz: (now glowering in the direction of my voice) Thinks she’s being so clever, imitating the troll in Elizabeth Bear’s Ink and Steel. She could spare some of that cleverness for us!

Christopher: There, there, she felt there was something off in Of Cuckoo Clocks and Crystal Coffins, something she needed some distance to spot in the draft. 

Quartz: (giving Christopher a pointed look) Notice she’s been putting some distance between herself and Stealing Myself From Shadows as well. 

Christopher: (looking down at his hands) She was inserting Waiting for Rebirth along with Unwilling to Be Yours and Be My Valentine…Snack as part of Stealing Myself From Shadows.

Quartz: Only she hasn’t been doing that, not lately. Just what has she been doing lately?

Me: (voice still distant) Blog, blog, bloggy blog…

Christopher: She’s been expanding At Her Service since she got the rights back. Along with two of the fanfics she’s writing as rhodrymavlyne; More Than a Jinrou and A Hopeless Situation, although she’s been working more on More Than a Jinrou lately. 

Me: (my voice coming closer) Blog, blog, bloggy blog…

Christopher: She wrote up her monthly Flights of Fanciful Fandom for and realized it contained a huge spoiler for More Than a Jinrou. She raced to write the next parts of that story which revealed this plot detail, so she could post her blog. 

Me: (right in Christopher’s ear, although I’m still invisible) Blog, blog, bloggy, blog!

Christopher: (starting at the sound) Yes, and she working on Blogging From AZ April Project: Character Poems. She’s managed to get the Formerly Forbidden Cauldron at flowing again just for April. 

Quartz: Right. Blog this, I’m being banished to the Formerly Forbidden Cauldron again. 

Christopher: It’s only for April. You’ll be here for Secondary Characters Speak Out in March. You’ll come back here, to the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration for another Secondary Characters Speak Out in May.

Quartz: Right. I want you in the chair for Secondary Characters Speak Out on Monday; March 29, 2021. Be there. 

Christopher: This is a surprise. You never fail to remind me that I’m not a secondary character, although I am in The Hand and the Eye of the Tower.

Quartz: And we need to remind Cauldron readers that you’re going to be gone in April.

Christopher: I won’t be gone. April 3rd’s poem is C is for Christopher. 

Quartz: Right, a poem our scribbler has written to you. That’s not the same as being here. There will be no Conversations with Christopher in April. 

Christopher: That’s true.

Quartz: What’s more, I won’t be here at all. 

Christopher: There will be a Q is for Quartz on Tuesday; April 20, 2021 at the Formerly Forbidden Cauldron at, although our scribbler hasn’t written it yet. 

Quartz: Meaning the scribbler will be writing a poem to me. She maybe thinking it’s a chance for settling a few scores. (shudders)

Christopher: I didn’t realize you were afraid of our scribbler. Not the way you talk back to her. 

Quartz: I talk back to her because I am afraid of her! She’s still my creatrix, not to mention she enjoys making me squirm…or getting Nimmie Not to make me squirm. Or she uses Oriana to torment me through my Fairest. 

Christopher: You seem to get retribution by banging on the sides of her imagination, not allowing her to think of anyone else. 

Quartz: Sometimes that’s the only way to get her attention. Anyway you’re a fool if you’re not afraid of her. She’s more than ready to use Duessa or Dyvian against you. Or to torment Damian, Danyel, or Tayel. 

Christopher: Did I say I wasn’t afraid of her?

Me: (very far away, yet with a sinister spectral echo) Blog, blog, bloggy blog…

#RainbowSnippets: Wind Me Up, One More Time

Welcome to Rainbow Snippets!

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For mine, I’m going to continue where Nathalie and Grace left off in Wind Me Up, One More Time…

Nathalie reached out a finger to tap on the window. “Her very soul is sucked into the machine, ground into the wheels. All she once was is shredded and mixed into part of the product. All that’s left is the desire to work, to keep the cogs and gears going. She becomes the machine.”

“Is that what happened to Verity?” Grace trembled, imagining a girl with a pale face, like Mama’s being drained of what little color it had.

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#QueerBlogWed: Paula’s Prompts

On October 21, 2020, P.T. Wyant posted at a Wednesday Words prompt involving an ill-kept secret, a rabbit’s foot, and chapped lips.

This freebie story for my Work in Progress, The Players Are the Thing was the result…

“Lucky rabbit’s foot!” Mona swung it in Rhane’s face, smacking her chapped lips.

Rhane tried not to flinch. It was an ill-kept secret that Mona had a crush on her. Perhaps it was one of the reasons Rhane stayed with Beatrix, even though she was getting disillusioned with the other woman and her snide remarks. As long as Mona thought Rhane and Beatrix were a couple, she wouldn’t be too bold in all her covert little pokes and invasions of Rhane’s personal space.

Rhane no longer knew what Beatrix and herself were. She sometimes wondered if their relationship was anything more than convenient to her lover. Beatrix touched her less and less. Beatrix touched her less and less. Rhane didn’t miss her touch. It was the game which bound the two of them together now, engaging them, the long-term role-playing game they’d invested so much of themselves into. Only Beatrix saw the game as a web she could entangle all of her players in, while for Rhane, it was a love affair. 

Yes, this was the truth. Rhane had fallen in love with Amberwyne, her character. The game was an excuse to play her, to spend time with her, to be here. To be with her. It didn’t matter that she was imaginary. Perhaps the reason Rhane loved her was she was imaginary. Amber couldn’t disappoint her the way Beatrix had. Because she was imaginary, there was a limit, a measure of control over how much Amber could disappoint Rhane. 

“What are you thinking about?” Mona interrupted Rhane’s reverie, startling her. She stared at Rhane as if she’d sprouted an extra head. 

“The game.” Rhane smiled a bit at the thought of it, of Amberywne, not realizing how beautiful she looked when she smiled.

For in truth, she was no longer in the here and now. Her thoughts were already fleeing from Mona to another world. 

Mona clutched the rabbit foot in her hand, looked down at it. She said nothing.