Secondary Characters Speak Out

Quartz sits scowling, smoothing his beard, fussing with his buttons. Opposite seated more gracefully is Christopher, wearing a black velvet vest over a white tunic, matching dark trousers and boots. His coppery-golden hair is brilliant against the ebon of his vest, even if it ends in curls around the nape of his neck. 

Quartz: Good, you showed. Thank’ee for dressing up. 

Christopher: For the last two weeks I’ve been with Rhodry here at the Cauldron. His attire made me nostalgic for what I wore beyond the Door, in other worlds, other versions of Omphalos. For what Stefan Ashelocke wore before the Gardens of Arachne bloomed in Mystere. 

Quartz: Right. Let’s leave off the subject of your stone ancestor, the Spider’s bridegroom. 

Christopher: He’s not the Spider’s bridegroom. He’s the Lady Duessa’s former husband, her first Marriage Feast, the one who turned her from a human witch into an arachnocrat, blessing her with her additional pair of arms and eyes. Nor is Stefan exactly stone. I suppose he could be. He might as well be.

Quartz: Christopher. Let’s not get distracted by the messed-up matriarchies in your world. 

Christopher: (not seeming to hear him) You could consider every Marriage Feast a bridegroom of the Spider and every arachnocratic bride a willing vessel for the Spider’s hunger. Yes, I suppose some might consider that messed up. 

Quartz: Not like there isn’t a lot of messed-up in my world, lad…Christopher! Back on topic, now!

Christopher: Sorry for the distraction. (runs his hands through his hair with a sheepish grin) We’re supposed to be talking about this blog, the Cauldron of Eternal Inspiration at

Quartz: Along with the Formely Forbidden Cauldron at Which the scribbler got up and flowing again, just for the #BloggingFromAZAprilProject. 

Christopher: For some years, both Cauldrons have participated in Blogging From AZ with some sort of character theme. This year it’s Character Poems. 

Quartz: The scribbler has gotten the poetry bug for this year. She’s going to post an poem on day in April except Sundays. These poems are going to be dedicated to us, us being her characters. (He shudders.) Guess this is her chance to really let loose. 

Christopher: Calm down. Maybe it won’t be that bad. 

Quartz: Right. This is the scribbler who brought us Oriana, Duessa, Dyvian, and Nimmie Not. 

Christopher: As if you mind Nimmie Not. 

Quartz: Shut up.

Christopher: Ahem. Returning to the topic. Given all the poetry posts, I won’t be doing any Conversations with Christopher in April. 

Quartz: And I won’t be doing a Secondary Characters Speak Out. (He scowls.) I’m banished to the Formerly Forbidden Cauldron for a measly mention in Q is for Quartz on Tuesday; April 20, 2021. (He scowls some more.) I don’t even get to say anything myself. I just have the scribbler talking at me, grumbling at me, pointing out my faults.

Christopher: As if you don’t do it to her.

Quartz: Shut up. Whose side are you on?

Christopher: Remember, she’ll be doing the same thing to me on Saturday; April 3, 2021. Besides you don’t know if that day is the only blogging action you’ll see.

Me: (my voice comes floating in like a faint echo) Blog, blog, bloggy, blog…

Christopher: (it’s his turn to shudder) The scribbler will still be doing #RainbowSnippets on Sundays. She might snippet something about your story. 

Quartz: Doubt it. She’s working on At Her Service right now. You know this as well as I do. Your story is on hold as well. 

Christopher: Yes, but you never know. Anyway we’ll be back in May with Conversations with Christopher and Secondary Characters Speak Out. 

Quartz: Try not to miss us too much…on second thought, miss us. I’m already missing us. (grumbles to himself)

Christopher: It’s only for a month. This gives other characters a chance to be seen. 

Quartz: Right, I suppose it does. (He sighs.) One of those characters is my Fairest, after all, even if she’s calling herself Briar. 

Christopher: Along with Damian, Danyel, Tayel, Dyvian, Peter, Gabrielle, Map, Melyssa, Leiwell, ‘Lyssa, and Vanessa. 

Quartz: Lots of people from your worlds of course. Sly how Melyssa Ashelocke got herself two blogs here at this very Cauldron under only slightly different names. 

Christopher: ‘Lyssa isn’t Melyssa Ashelocke, not exactly. ‘Lyssa is the part of Melyssa who fused and become one with the Godling Seraphix. 

Quartz: Right. More of the complication metaphysical weirdness from your world. Or worlds. I still think it’s slick, considering how many characters aren’t getting a poem this April. 

Christopher: Not to mention our scribbler does favour certain letters for names, doesn’t she? She has her pick of characters with names beginning with the letter A or D while she had to scrabble for X or Y. 

Quartz: Don’t forget Q.

Christopher: As if you’d ever let me forget.

Quartz: Never. Pretty slick how Tayel managed to snag himself a D poem even though his name now begins with T and there’s stiff competition for D. 

Christopher: Tayel used to be called Dayel. He didn’t want to leave his twin alone with Dyvian, even if in a second-person poem addressed to the characters. 

Quartz: Right. That scribbler is such a pushover. 

Christopher: And you take advantage of it.

Quartz: Like you don’t. 

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