Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

On October 28, 2020, P.T. Wyant posted at a Wednesday Words prompt involving an empty cup, an empty bed, and a full stomach.

This poem was my response…

Her cup is empty

So she drained it again

She’s never satisfied

Her bed is empty

She finally has space

She’s never satisfied

Her stomach is full yet she keeps eating

She’s never satisfied

Satisfaction, where can she find it?

The fulfillment she craves?

It’s not in chocolates and win

It’s not in a steady nutrious diet

Loaded with fruit and vegetables

It’s not in the lovers who shared her life and left

The people who filled the empty spaces

Their voices left echoes behind

She tries to find it in the printed page

The words she scrawls or types

Putting together the pieces of an unknown whole

Some of the gnawing ache goes away as she types

Watching the stories come together word by word

Each word forms a web that bridges the emptiness

She isn’t satisfied yet

She can only stare at the screen for so long

Cursing the physical form which won’t allow her to let them all out

All of the stories bubbling inside

She can only retreive so many from the stew of her imagination

Cooking and dissolving into each other

She tries to separate and solidify each other

Humming, using music to recall the tales lost while she stirs

Regulating the flow of story images to music to focus on what’s cooking

There’s only so much she can stir at once

There’s only so much she can save from the pot

She’s never satisifed. 

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