#QueerBlogWed: Unwelcome Morning Song

On September 30, 2020, P.T. Wyant posted at ptwyant.com a Wednesday Words prompt involving a bed, an early morning, and high hopes.

This A Godling for Your Thoughts freebie story with Danyel and Tayel was the result…

Danyel lay in bed, breathing softly in perfect time with Tayel lying beside him. It was hard to tell if his twin was awake or not. Eyelids were shut, golden lashes dusting the curve of his cheek in the early morning light, but he’d open them when he was ready.

The peace of moment was shattered by a boisterous voice raised in song, full of high hopes. At the same time several hammers hit wooden plans, the sound carrying and ringing in Danyel’s ears whether he wanted to hear it or not. 

“Rise everyone!

The day is coming

The foundations are being laid

The air is thrumming.

Rise everyone!

You’ve got a wish in your heart

Rise yourselves from your sleep

And make a fresh start!”

Danyel didn’t rise. He lay in bed, stared at the ceiling and spoke to himself along with his twin. “Am I still dreaming or is there actual meaning in Ashleigh’s song?”

It was impossible to miss the twins’s mother’s voice, more powerful and twice as loud as the rest, even if Danyel couldn’t bring himself to call Asheleigh “Mother”. Yes, she had the same shaggy golden hair as the twins, the same slender build, and the same violet-blue eyes, but she seemed like a completely different creature than Tayel and himself. Not to mention the fact that she’d been missing for most of their lives. 

“Ashleigh conceals herself within a veil of enigma.” Tayel spoke without opening his eyes. “Even if she has to paint smiley faces, fanged bunnies, and laughing canteloupes on her veil to distract everyone from her truth.”

“Coming from an avatar of enigma like yourself, that’s almost funny.” Danyel rolled over to face his twin. “Should we get up?”

“Too swift a reaction feels imprudent.” Tayel opened eyes glimmering with silver light. This meant he was upset, frightened, angry, especially moved or happy. Danyel doubted it was the last two. His twin valued his peace and quiet even more than Danyel did. “To watch, to want, to see what stirs gives a clearer impression of Ashleigh’s intentions.

Tayel wasn’t about to call Ashleigh “Mother” either. Why would he?

“You don’t trust her.” Danyel studied his twin’s face, so like his own, only Tayel was capable of far greater stillness. When emotion rippled through his face, he had many a little trick to conceal it. 

“A legend for opening Doors, breaking Map’s heart, and leaving us all behind should inspire some measure of caution.” Tayel rolled over to face his brother. Their noses and mouths were very close. “She left a history of hurt, a history I’d rather didn’t repeat itself.”

“I agree.” Danyel felt the side of his face growing numb. Now his body was itching to get up. “What are we waiting?”

Tayel’s response was to sigh and shut his eyes once more. 

Danyel slipped out of bed, waking up more as his feet hit the floor. It looked like he was getting up, in spite of his intentions…and Tayel’s…to delay.

Ashleigh had a way of getting hers, whether people trusted her or not. 

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