#QueerBlogWed: At Her Service Freebie Story

On August 12, 2020, P.T. Wyant offered at ptwyant.com a Wednesday Words prompt involving threatening clouds, a lost shoe, and a table.

Mentioning a lost shoe makes me think of At Her Service, my ff Cinderella story. This freebie tale for that tale was the result…

Threatening clouds spread across the moon outside. She, my innocent beauty, my Cinders lay in the pumpkin patch, missing a shoe.

What a cruel trick I’d played upon her, just so I could steal her first dance, whirling her around the ballroom floor, playing a part I had no right to. The shoe sparkled in the dim light coming from outside, the fading moonlight giving way to the first rays of the sun. Those same rays illuminated the clean surface of the kitchen table in front of me, gleaming on the glass slipper she’d lost, proof of my mischief.

I’d meant every word I’d said about every girl needing a chance to dance once in her life. I just didn’t want my Cinders to dance with anyone other than me. The shoe fit her dainty foot fat better than it ever had my large, bony one.

Why did she look at that foot the way she did whenever she slipped them on? Why did I feel the way I did whenever she touched me, coaxing it all into a glass prison? It was as my flesh served her, cooperating at each tentative stroke of her fingers, shrinking inside a shoe that truly didn’t fit, just to please her.

Cinders was the only reason I’d kept those ridiculous glass things. They were an excuse for her to touch me, to stroke my skin the way she did whenever she got those shoes onto my feet.

Well, I’d give her a night of magic. I’d given her everything that could turn a woman’s head, according to every other woman who’d ever tutted in disapproval at me. Only Cinders’s head hadn’t been turned. She’d been charmed but she hadn’t turned away from me, the real me, the cranky mistress waiting for her at home.

Dared I hope there might be true love mixed in with that loyalty? Did I even believe there was such a thing for me?

It all depended upon her, once she awakened after the enchantment. How would she react to reality, the truth of her prince?

I just had to wait and see. Whatever it was, I had to accept her decision. I’d played enough games with her for one night.

Only it had been a magical night, not just for her but for me as well.

I’d said every girl needed to dance once in her life. This was true for me as well, even if I was taking the lead in the dance. Even if I was the one sweeping a maiden off her feet rather than being swept.

It’s not easy being the prince, yet it could be rewarding when you tried.

If only the real prince realized this.

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