Conversations with Christopher: Grace and Theodora

Conversations with Christopher: Grace and Theodora

Christopher sits across from a little girl with wayward curls, wearing a red sweater, holding a stuffed bear in her lap. 

Christopher: So what did you think of our scribbler’s reading? Or readings. 

Grace: (sniffs) She didn’t do Nathalie justice. Nat has a much better voice. And the story was a lot scarier standing outside the factory with Nathalie when Theodora Bear found out Princess Nathalie was in trouble in Grace and Theodora: Magic and Mishaps. It’s hard to understand what was happening the way the scribbler read it. 

Theodora: Grrrowwrr.

Grace: Theodora wants you to know we’re not the same Grace and Theodra as the ones in Grace and Theodora: Magic and Mishaps. That Theodora was Princess Nathalie’s bear. This Theodora is my bear. (She gives her bear a squeeze.) I’m not a princess like that Grace. I’m just a girl living in Verity. Princess Grace had a red cape. I only have a scratchy red sweater Iama the Terrible made for me.

Theodora: Grrowwr.

Grace: Yes, yes. Maia made the sweater, not Iama the Terrible. She’s not nearly as terrible as she claims to be. (mutters) Even if this sweater is terribly itchy.

Theodora: Grrowwr. 

Grace: No, Maia isn’t an evil enchantress any more than I’m a princess. It’s true. 

Theodora: Growwr. 

Christopher: Did she just say, “You’ll always be a princess to me?”

Grace: (squeezing her bear and looking at Christopher with wide eyes) How did you know?

Christopher: (smiles a little sadly) I’m a good guesser. In a way Maia is an enchantress, evil or not. Doesn’t she enchant your sister?

Grace: (scowls) The scribbler stopped right before the good part! We were about to go into the factory, meet Maia’s bear. Or her art. I guess what she…it…is, depends on how you see it. Maia is such a show-off. She makes quite an entrance. 

Christopher: And Nathalie finds herself enchanted?

Grace: As if! (with a little girl’s scorn) My Nathalie isn’t that easy to enchant! (She thinks about it, frowning, biting her lip.) There was banter. Very flirty banter. 

Christopher: Not to mention outright flirting?

Grace: Yes, there was outright flirting. Maia was so different than the last time we saw her.

Christopher: When did you last see her?

Grace: Uh uh! (She takes one hand off Theodora to point a small finger at Christopher) Stop trying to worm the story out of me! If you want to know it, buy it!

Christopher: Um, you do know I’m a fictional character the same as you? I can’t go buying a book as if I were a real person? 

Grace: No excuses! You want to read Wind Me Up, One More Time, go to…

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