Paula’s Prompts: Seven Tricks Freebie Story

On May 27, 2020, P.T. Wyant posted at a Wednesday Words prompt involving an itchy back, cheese, and a loud conversation.

This freebie story for my holiday tale, Seven Tricks was the result…

That cheese was within paw’s reach or his name wasn’t Cheesecurd. The problem was so was the cat. The one with the pink nose covered with gray and white fur as if he was a mouse, too, as if anyone could mistake a fanged beast like that for a mouse. The cat sat in the lap of one of several large humans enjoying the cheese. The one holding the beast pet the cat with its huge, ugly hairless paws as if the creature had an itchy back. All of the humans talked in a very loud voices.

“Isn’t Tiddliwinks the most adorable kitty?” one of the humans crooned.

Sure. That monster was adorable. And Cheesecurd was a mouse prince. Not likely. Mouse princes were silly perverts who ran off with nutcrackers, leaving their queen distraught and the warren in a mess.

“Yes, although I have my hopes he’ll be better at catching mice than the rest of the cats are,” another giant rumbled.

Uh huh. As if any mouse worth his whiskers couldn’t outsmart a cat or steal a human’s cheese. Mice of truly legendary status were said to tame cats and make the beasts their slaves.

Problem was Cheesecurd was too lazy to be legendary. He’d had one famous exploit rolling in a cheesecurd, hence his name. His dive into sticky bliss was a story he’d shared in the warren, exaggerated a bit more each time, but that was his sole daring deed. Daring deeds were again for fool princes like Mousetrick, who lured their people out with the promise of gingerbread, only to get them drugged.

Maybe Cheesecurd wasn’t heroic but he wasn’t a fool. He wasn’t about to brave that cat for cheese. Only the capricious puss leaped off the human’s lap and stalked across the floor.

This could be his chance. Scamper up the leg of the table and nab that cheese.
Only that bloody cat had stopped and sniffing at the air. Only to spot him and stare at him with intense green eyes. Cheesecurd could see his reflection glittering within Tiddliwinks’s eyes.

This was it, the end of Cheesecurd. Would Madam Mousenip even miss him? It wasn’t fair, just because he didn’t have as pretty fur or pretty manners as Mousetrick. Mousetrick would have been nothing without him. Who was it who faced down that human and her gingerbread soldiers? Who was it whom had eaten those gingerbread soldiers? All right, he’d fallen asleep due to the poison baked in the gingerbread by that human, but he’d gone down in a good cause! All right, it had been a selfish cause but still! You didn’t see Mousetrick eating drugged gingerbread. He hadn’t even gotten to eat the cheese lying on that table.

Tiddliwinks closed his eyes, turned his back on him and walked away as if bored by Cheesecurd’s presence. Perhaps this particular mouse didn’t smell tasty enough for the beast.

Now that was simply rude. He was fat and juicy a great deal plumper than Mousetrick. How dare Tiddliwinks turn his fuzzy back on him! Cheesecurd hoped his whiskers got tangled and his paw stuck in a door. He hoped…

…what was he thinking? He’d just gotten a second chance at life! At the cheese on the table!

Now if only those fool humans would get up and leave.

If you’d like to read about the pervert of a mouse prince who ran off with a nutcracker, along with Cheesecurd’s own exploits (don’t expect to be too impressed by them), here are buy links…

Nine Star Press:

Barnes & Noble:




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