Conversations with Christopher: Gabrielle, Part 2

Christopher regarded the veiled woman across from him, the same woman he was speaking to last week…

Christopher: All right, I’ll try not to spoil the story for myself or others. (He looks like he has serious misgivings about this.)

Gabrielle: You’ll be happier if you do. 

Christopher: I hope so. How about we talk about the current form of you I’m speaking with? Gabrielle, the woman who becomes my mother?

Gabrielle: What is there to say? I own the Navel, center of all things bizarre. Look for the bizarre within yourself upon the Navel’s shelves.

Christopher: That last part is new. 

Gabrielle: Heh, I just came up with that. 

Christopher: What wares does the Navel carry?

Gabrielle: (perking up) We’ve got these chicken-headed deities whose crowing will follow you into your nightmares, freeing you from whatever reality you’re trapped in.

Christopher: I’ve seen those. (He shakes his head.) I’m not sure how effective they are. 

Gabrielle: (leaning forward) We’ve also got these metal rooster-headed guardians to ward off spider entities. 

Christopher: (shudders) I’ve noticed. 

Gabrielle: (lowering her voice) Guess you’re still arachnocratic enough to be disturbed by those. Damian hated them. 

Christopher: ‘Brie, I’m not sure if anyone likes them other than you.

Gabrielle: Really? (a bit deflated) There’s the hand-painted porcelain chickens if you prefer something more cheerful. 

Christopher: Could we discuss some of the Navel’s items which aren’t poultry? Please?

Gabrielle: (slumping back in her seat) No one appreciates the poultry. Yes, there are other things like those hand-painted tarot cards in carved wooden boxes which Damian painted or the skulls he crafted by hand. 

Christopher: Those are beautiful.

Gabrielle: You’re disturbed by my chickens but you think the skulls are beautiful?

Christopher: They’re part of someone or they once were. Why wouldn’t they be beautiful?

Gabrielle: That someone isn’t around any more. The skull is proof of that. 

Christopher: Part of them is. The skull is proof of that.

Gabrielle: These skulls aren’t real skulls. They just represent a former part of someone. They’re made of clay, not bone, shaped by Damian’s hands.

Christopher: (eyes swimming with emotional memories) Yes.

Gabrielle: You’ve got it bad, my boy. 

Christopher: What?

Gabrielle: Never mind. 

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