Paula’s Prompts: Wednesday Words

For a long time, I’ve had two Cauldrons, ever since I was published Torquere and realized this particular blog couldn’t share posts at theirs, that I needed a blogspot account as well.

I’ve been doing stories every week at  once on Wednesdays, keeping it going, even though I’ve been told I’ve got too many blogs. There are stories set up until October 14th. (I’m actually writing this post on August 4, 2020). Only they’ve changed the format and I’ve found I can no longer post my stories and poems there.

Maybe this is a sign. It’s time to abandon that blog and bring my Wednesday stories over here. I think I’ll try that, starting on October 21st, which should be today.

On July 1, 2020, P.T. Wyant posted at  a Wednesday Words prompt involving a bird, a flag, the neighbors are fighting.

This poem was the result…

A bird is singing in the tree
A flag flaps defiantly in the breeze
Colors proclaiming values its wearers have forgotten
All the while the neighbors are fighting
Streets grow silent
Until people creep back again
Masked against infection
Or bare-faced, ignoring the danger, talking at their phones
All the while the neighbors are fighting
I get up, mourn what’s lost
A lifestyle I took for granted
Trying to piece together the fragments of normal life
Trying to piece together my imagination
All the while the neighbors are fighting
They’re never noticed the bird
The flag is only part of the background
They’ve never cared about its meaning
For once more the neighbors are fighting
Just what are they fighting about?
Promises of violence are carried in their screams
Words and communication lost in the noise
Only shrieks and bellows of frustration
They’re like trapped animals rattling a shared cage
Letting everyone know the neighbors are fighting.

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