Conversations with Christopher: The Orb

Christopher sits in his chair, facing a bright pink orb that resembles an eyeball, floating in midair.

Orb: (Agathea’s melodic, suggestive voice comes from it) Curious. This place is not the Intergalactic Democracy, yet it touches upon its space, upon all space.

Christopher: You’re a communications device from the Intergalactic Democracy, aren’t you?

Orb: Only the very latest in communication devices that belong to one of the most powerful citizens of the Intergalactic Democracy in question. And you, you seem like a boy, but you’re both more and less than that. You’re light, color, and the shadow devouring all, struggling for substance.

Christopher: Very prettily put.

Orb: My creatrix is a poet among other things. She’s won awards for her epic tragedies. And you, you speak with a confident arrogance no male in the Intergalactic Democracy could muster, yet you are soft-spoken in a way that the men I have records of from Ancient Earth weren’t. Meaning you’re from somewhere else, but I can see the conflicting colors within your make-up, mingling, becoming one, making you more than simply a boy, a girl, or any individual. You’re made of many elements of heart, mind, and soul, yet you’re somehow shrinking, clinging to the form you wear. Fascinating.

Christopher: You see a great deal.

Orb: I am the latest technology, capable of accessing more than the five senses life givers acknowledge. I use those senses and beyond on the behalf of my creatrix, although all you see me do in A Symposium in Space is deliver a dinner party invitation.

Christopher: That’s not all you do.

Orb: No, it’s not. I try to get a sense of Agathea’s potential guests, reading them, speaking to them. Phaedra, for instance, is very clear, direct, almost like a light, radiating out her intentions and her curiousity.

Christopher: Yes, I can see that.

Orb: Pausania is very different. Her temperament is like a star, burning itself out in a white-hot burst. Her rage simmers at the very core of her being, giving her energy she doesn’t know what to do with. This creates a monstrous dissatisfaction within her, along with dishonesty. It’s difficult to read her intentions with all that bubbling within.

Christopher: It may have hard to read Pausania, but you accomplished your goal, didn’t you? You invited Phaedra and Pausania to your symposium.

Orb: Not just Phaedra and Pausania. I delivered all of my invitations. And I’m certain all of Agathea’s guests will come. It just required a little nudging in the right direction. And now allow me to deliver that same invitation to all of you readers. Please do attend. My creatrix’s gathering should be sublime, although the conversation shall inform the meal. You’ll see what I mean…
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