Conversations with Christopher: Nimmie Not Wails (Again)

We begin this blog with a long, high-pitched wail…

Nimmie Not: (eyes bulging, mouth open, yes, he’s the source of the wail, true to the title :)) Noooooo!

Christopher huddles in his chair, hands clapped over his ears. The mists of the Cauldron scurry here and there, revealing jumbled bits of my imagination; Shelley’s bed with the long, red hangings at Lord Ruthvyn’s estate, Danyel and Tayel’s cottage in the valley below the tower and the hill, and oh, look! It’s the seven dwarves’s cottage in the Forest of Tears, only the garden gnomes lurking on the lawn are scampering in all directions, headed for the trees, anywhere, along as it’s away from the screaming kobold.

Nimmie Not stops, takes a deep shuddering breath, his dark eyes fixed and staring on some inner nightmare he can’t escape from.

Christopher: (lowering his hands from his ears in a hesitant fashion) Feel better now?

Nimmie Not: No! (He wraps his skinny arms around himself and begins to weep.) How could he? I warned him! I told him that humans were trouble. I told him how they broke my poor Prunella’s heart again and again. How they’ve made fools of so many of my kind…how could he?!

Christopher: You mean Quartz?

Nimmie Not: Yes, Quartz! (He gnashes sharp, needle-like teeth hiding behind his generous lips) What other “he” would I be talking about?!

Christopher: I don’t know. What did he do?

Nimmie Not: Allowed a human into his home! Yes, the very home I provided for him along with his brothers!

Christopher: Why?

Nimmie Not: She collapsed on the doorstep, acting all lost and scared, like something was chasing her. Quartz fell for it, the bearded fool!

Christopher: Maybe she was lost and scared. Maybe something was chasing her.

Nimmie Not: Don’t give me that. Humans are constantly lost and scared. Do you know why? Because they were careless and lost their way! They get in over their heads and grab desperately for someone to pull them out of their own mess rather than take care of it themselves!

Christopher: (flushing for some of this strikes close to his own heart) You don’t have to be human to do all of that, believe me.

Nimmie Not: (not really noticing Christopher’s discomfort) And why do humans get chased by something or someone? They gave something or someone a reason to chase them!

Christopher: Are you saying that being lost, scared, or chased is always the human’s fault? That it has nothing to do with someone or something tricking them into losing their way? Deciding to chase or scare the humans because it might be fun?

Nimmie Not: Oh, so the someone or something is always the monster and the human is some helpless little innocent that has nothing to do with her own fate? Can’t this human take responsibility for her own actions? Does she have to unload them on Quartz?

Christopher: How do you know she isn’t taking responsibility for her actions?

Nimmie Not: She’s running and collapsing on my dwarf’s doorstep!
Christopher: Maybe that’s her way of taking responsibility?

Nimmie Not: How do you figure that?

Christopher: I’m not sure.

Nimmie Not: Hmmph! I’ll tell you what I figure. She’s trouble. She’ll draw trouble toward her and everyone under the same roof as her. Including Quartz.

Christopher: Maybe. Maybe this human and your seven dwarves can handle this trouble if they work together. If you help them face it.

Nimmie Not: Maybe this human should disappear before her trouble hurts anyone other than her. Before she has a chance to get close to Quartz, hurting him as well.

Christopher: Just what are you scheming?

Nimmie Not: Oh, nothing. (He smiles a savagely sweet smile.) Nothing at all.

Christopher: If you do anything to Quartz’s guest, I doubt he’ll forgive you. He already cares enough to invite her into his home, offering her shelter and protection.

Nimmie Not: Oh, I won’t harm one pretty tress on her raven head, not I. I won’t have to.

Christopher: What do you mean?

Nimmie Not: You’ll see, yes, everyone will see. See that I’m right about this girl being trouble.

Christopher: Beware the consequences of malice. They have a way of coming back to haunt you in nightmarish ways.

Nimmie Not: Oh, my malice isn’t going to do anything. (He widens his grin, a red-orange flame glinting in the darkness of his eyes.) Not mine.

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